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About Us

Lean On Me Home Care is an in-home aid service provider who prides itself with going above and beyond to meet all our clients needs. As family members or someone in need of care, we understand that you expect no less than the best care possible. In-home care should be genuine, not only take care of all the physical responsibilities but to bring light and joy to your home as well, to feel safe and secure, to be understood, respected and well taken care of.  

We hold our company values in high regards when employing caregivers on our team. Our key values includes: 

Genuine Compassion

caregivers are thoughtful and can empathize with any pain or feelings our clients may experience. Genuine compassion is a key value in making our clients feel at home where they can fully express themselves.


caregivers are vetted upon being reliable. Our clients need consistency and someone they know will be there for them. This allows our clients to confide in their aid and feel a true sense of home with them.

Positive Outlook

our caregivers will be a beam of light in your life. They are high spirited, passionate about their duties and have a optimistic outlook.


not all our loved ones are openminded at first to getting help but our caregivers and team members are focused on building a healthy relationship with all our clients and are willing to take all the time needed to make our clients feel 100% comfortable.

Lean On Me Home Care Inc. mission is to bring peace of mind to our clients and their loved ones. We aim to be a true companion to you while still being professional. Your home is your sanctuary and we intend to keep it as such. Clients’ independency will be upheld with exceptional help from our caregivers.    

Let us show you the reason why so many families choose Lean On Me Home Care Inc. Contact us today for a FREE consultation. 

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